Family History Help Desk Dates 2020

Every month throughout the year, Knowsley Archives offers a series of Family History Help Desks in libraries across the borough. They’re ideal if you are new to family history research, or are trying to find your way through the maze of information and resources: expert advice and guidance is available to help you on your way.

If you would like help with your family history research, staff at the ARK – Knowsley Archives’ base in The Kirkby Centre– are available to help during our normal opening hours, but the Family History Help Desks are an opportunity to get support at a time and location that may be more convenient for you.

Sessions are free of charge and they are run on a drop-in basis. We will do our best to answer your questions on the day, but more complicated queries may need to be followed up after your visit or require an additional appointment.

Women and children packing the potato crop, Kirkby

Packing the potato crop, Kirkby c.1910

The dates for 2020 are as follows:


Tuesday 10.00 -1.00


Tuesday        2.00-5.00


Thursday 10.00-1.00


Friday        2.00-5.00


Saturday 10.00-1.00

14th January 14th January 16th January 17th January 18th January
11th February 11th February 13th February 14th February 15th February
10th March 10th March 12th March 13th March 14th March
14th April 14th April 16th April 17th April 18th April
12th May 12th May 14th May 15th May 16th May
9th June 9th June 11th June 12th June 13th June
7th July 7th July 9th July 10th July 11th July
4th August 4th August 6th August 7th August 8th August
1st September 1st September 3rd September 4th September 5th September
6th October 6th October 8th October 9th October 10th October
3rd November 3rd November 5th November 6th November 7th November
1st  December 1st  December 3rd  December 4th December 5th December

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